MCCY SingaporeA Good Thing

In a fast-paced city-state, how do you convince pragmatic Singaporeans that kindness is all around, and to remember that every act of kindness can make a difference? A Good Thing is an exhibition that bonds the everyday and the extraordinary through the stories of 35 ordinary objects. From the humble umbrella to quotidian cooking pot, each object has its own tale of how a small gesture of kindness made a lasting difference. The exhibition was a huge success, including a visit from the Prime Minister. Its original 3-day run was also extended to more than a week.

I researched and wrote all 35 stories, and worked on the exhibition copy.

Kinetic Design & Advertising
Gian Jonathan, Astri Nursalim, Sean Tan, Creshelle Padilla, Edmund Chung
Pann Lim
Advertising, Experiential