Creative Circle SingaporeMetalFest Gong 2016

For many creatives, winning a Gold, Silver or Bronze at award shows means winning a ‘metal’. Inspired by this, we reimagined Singapore’s annual creative award show, the Gong Show, as a ‘metal’ celebration. We titled it “MetalFest Gong 2016”.

I was involved in the development of Gong 2016’s branding, as well as worked on all the copy on the posters, website and case study video.

Branding & Design
Kinetic Design & Advertising
Gian Jonathan, Leng Soh, Clay Kuok, Astri Nursalim, Sean Tiang, Sean Tan, Andrew Lee, Chris Leow
Catherine Phua, Ali Tan
Pann Lim
Noel Chan

Feature Video

In Metal We Trust

Ascend to Metaldom

Slave to the Metal

Award Website Stills