The 2016 film festival on food hosted screenings of various films discussing contemporary food culture and subcultures.

I was invited by Anonymous to pen an introduction, which was used on the festival posters and pin-badge backings.



It all starts with a circle.

A plate. A lens.

Take a look around and we discover many circles. Crisp slices of cucumber. A wok over fire. Soup ladled into porcelain bowls. Through careful measurements, skillful preparation, and artful plating – a chef transforms ingredients into experiences that delight our senses.

The process is mirrored in film. A director’s eye. Reality captured through an aperture. Reels played through a projector’s lens, back into our eyes. In this way, narratives are crafted to reveal stories about us.

Chefs and filmmakers design reality – transmuting raw ingredients into meaningful results that excite our senses. Complexities become digestible, distilled into bolder flavours and richer experiences that we enjoy together.

Every dish and film is an insight into identity and culture. Beyond captivating tales and filling our stomachs, invites you to examine our common heritage as we look towards the shape of things to come.

Felix Ng
Anonymous Posters