we are also / ali tan's portfolio

'ello! I’m Ali Tan.

I write and translate for advertising, design and everything else in between.

I like doggos, g o o d b o y e s, and will never say no to curled feetsies.

Ali's from a little island.

We Are Also is her little island.

She wants to help designers express their ideas and thoughts better, and help the general public understand the value that design brings.

Ali is called Ali because if you google 'Alicia Tan Writer', she is not the first hit. Ali Tan however, is an Eastern European singer and that's a much better Google Search Result.

She read English Literature and Japanese Studies at the National University of Singapore (in Singapore) and Waseda University in Tokyo. She did not graduate from any advertising programme or portfolio school. She has, however, been published in Ceriph (Math Paper Press), COAST (Math Paper Press) and exhibited her zines in Tokyo. Ali collects magazines and printed publications, and hopes to publish her own periodical one day.

She is co-founder of Suppon★StarShapes of Design, and used to run a popular otaku blog on Japanese pop culture.

Ali specialises in translating Japanese into English, and will take on English to Japanese work depending on the requirements of the project!


If you'd like her to write for you or want to collaborate, feel free to drop her an e-mail at min.t [at] halfarenaissance.net.